what an awful dream

it was inauguration day, and Obama’s first time not being president in 8 years

and he was pissed

and it was very Purge-like.

He murdered the shit out of me


The mailman brings my dog a treat every day. This is what she does when she hears the truck approaching our street

I hope one day you’re as happy as you’re pretending to be.
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A Multi-Camera 360° Panoramic Timelapse of the Stars by Vincent Brady [VIDEO]


Too mind bending not to reblog!

i feel like this is exactly what Vincent Van Gogh saw and now i am crying 

This is incredible







iggy azalea - fancy cover (dont laugh please it took a lot of courage to post this)


In love

best cover EVER.

thanks for the support, guys i tried really hard

what happened to your bangs?

Watch this video. It is 10 seconds out of your life and you will never regret it.

In Memory of Satan

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there’ll be times in your life where at first you think ‘well, this is going to last forever and i’ll be miserable for the next sixty years and then i’ll die.’ and then it becomes clear to you that it’s a little worse than that - that it’s gonna last about a year and two months. so you have an idea of the slog you have to make, it’s not like - if you say ‘this is going to happen for the rest of my life’  then it’s very melodramatic, and who even knows what that feels like, so it’s really not real. but a year and two months is a real span of time that you can reckon, right, and if you have to endure for a year and two months, that’s a pretty hard thing to face. and you come to confront demons and you say to the demons, ‘could we come to some sort of agreement where you will take care of me and i will worship you and at the end of this period we will shake hands like gentlemen and part ways?’ other people will advise you not to say this to your demons. i cannot stand with these people. sometimes you must deal with demons. this is called ‘in memory of satan’.

— john darnielle, london, october 2013

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